Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Funny Gimp Stories

Autoimmune diseases affect all aspects of our lives. Because of the way they affect balance, hand grip, stamina, etc, we all have funny stories to relate.

One of mine comes from when I was a dialysis nurse. I made rounds with the physician and we stopped by a patient's chair. When I stepped back so we could make our way to the next patient's chair, I landed on my rear.

While I had no injuries, other than my pride, the poor patient thought I'd tripped over her feet and every time I went near her, she tucked her feet as far under the chair as she could.

When my co-workers realized I wasn't injured, they all had a good laugh. I wish I could tell you that was the last time I gave them a good laugh....

I fell more times than I can remember. One day, I dropped a twenty-four hour urine jug spilling urine all over the floor... there's a lot of pee in one of those jugs! Not to mention, I had to tell the patient that he had to re-do the test.

I could go on with my klutzy episodes, but I know most of you have some funny stories to share - so please do!

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