Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Writing About Health

Today's challenge: "I write about my health because. . . ."

I write about my health because I want to help others. If I can share my experiences and some information on diagnosing, treating or living with Rheumatoid arthritis, perhaps someone who reads my blog will find hope and help.

There have been many comments left on my blog that have touched my heart. 

"I just found your blog and wanted to say, Thank you, what a wonderful and brave post. Depression is a liar, trying to make you believe things that aren't true. I've had my own battles since I was young - on and off for 30 years. Having got the lovely gift of RA, the depression has been rearing it's ugly head. I'm determined to put it back where it belongs. Love and hugs to you. on Depression Revisited"
"I am so happy I found your blog on Facebook. I also suffer from depression since being diagnosed with RA. Thank you for this post. on Depression Revisited"

 Comments like the ones above are the reason I write about my health. This life isn't about me. It's about using the abilities and obstacles that God has allowed in my life, to help others.

If by writing about my health and my life, I can help one person, the time I spend on my blog is worthwhile.

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